WebSpecks Incorporated

Palm Springs  ~  London  ~  Singapore  ~  Beijing

What  We  Do

experts in Web 3.0 & Responsive website & platform development, we build...

– Market creation & influence networks

– Nascent market Stimulation Platforms

– Customer activity Management Platforms

– Integrated Customer care platforms

– Influence Network Modeling infrastructures

– Interactive Integrated IT, IS and web Infrastructures

Who  We  Are

We are a specialty provider of IP-based software frameworks that manage the high-level, complex, behavioral aspects of user-driven information access, retrieval and assimilation, especially as performed on the Web. The capabilities inherent in these frameworks find acceptance and utility in all forms of usage from supporting people’s Internet browsing habits through to assisting MNCs in managing corporate information propagation. A key aspect of these technical frameworks is their ability to be monetized.


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